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QBW Password

QBW Password by is a feature-rich tool for QuickBooks '.qba', '.qbw' password replacement and recovery as well as '.qbb' extraction. It works with all versions and editions including the latest QuickBooks 2019 (Pro, Premier, Accountant, Enterprise, US, CA, UK, ...). You may also check QuickBooks Forensics for in-depth analysis.

QBW Password Features:

  • 'Admin' user password can be replaced instantly regardless of length or complexity.more info
  • Access to sensitive data can be restored in many cases without password recovery.
  • Several attacks can be configured and queued for 'Admin' password recovery: more info
    • advanced mixed attacks for precise search range setup:
    • brute-force attacks based on a charset and length selected;
      • limit number of equal, capital and special chars as well as digits;
      • number ranges (e.g. 1-31, 1-12, 2003-2018, etc.);
    • dictionary attacks with modifications (several wordlists are included):
      • password in reverse, capitalized, uppercased, lowercased;
      • adjustable mixed-case mode;
      • preset or custom char replacements: Aa with @, Zz with 2, Bb with 8, etc.
      • advanced keyboard layouts-aware recovery technique;
    • highly optimized code (SSE, AVX, AVX2, AVX-512) guarantees best performance; speed
    • AMD and NVIDIA GPUs can be used in QuickBooks 2018 / 2019 password recovery; more info
    • supports up to 64 simultaneous processing threads (multi-CPU, multi-core);
    • audio, script or web address based post-search notification;
  • Company files can be extracted from '.qbb' backups.
  • All versions and editions are supported including QB 2019.
  • Windows 7 - Windows 10.

Program Screenshots:

QBW Password Details:

Password Replacement: You can check our notes on QuickBooks Password Replacement. Database password verification values can be replaced easily to restore access your to company file data. Sensitive data encryption keys are usually recoverable, thus access can be restored in full. In worst case scenario (unrecoverable keys, very complex "Admin" password, etc.) you still can replace QuickBooks "Admin" password and open company data file, but without access to credit card, tax and bank accounts details, if any are present.
Password Recovery:
Password search is always an option and QBW Password allows you to queue several attacks: dictionary, brute-force and mixed (combination of dictionary, sequential and fixed parts for precise search range control). Additional modifications are available: keyboard layouts-aware recovery technique, char replacement (e.g. I or i with 1), etc. We did our best to enhance this tool performance as well as the recovery speed with some advanced methods and it found to be the fastest tool for QuickBooks password recovery.
Password recovery speed:
Password recovery speed is variable depending on additional information recoverable from the file, Admin username, etc.
The following table is based on several tests with the common laptop, workstation and tablet CPUs (Mp/s = million passwords per second):

Up to QB 2017:
QB 2018 / 2019:
Intel® Atom™
Z3740 @ 1.33GHz
Intel® Core™ i3
2100 @ 3.10GHz
Intel® Core™ i3
4130 @ 3.40GHz
Amazon EC2 "c5.large"
Xeon® Platinum core
2 - 13 Mp/s 5 - 25 Mp/s 10 - 35 Mp/s 14 - 45 Mp/s
5 700 p/s 9 000 p/s 19 000 p/s 27 000 p/s

QuickBooks 2018 & 2019 password recovery with AMD and NVIDIA GPUs:
GPU support was added in QBW Password to enhance performance of QB 2018-2019 password recovery. Several GPUs can be used in parallel to speedup recovery even more. Below you can see several examples with entry-level, mid-level and enterprise-level cards.

GT 640 GTX 470 HD 6770 R9 270 Tesla V100
+ 50 000 p/s + 90 000 p/s + 120 000 p/s + 300 000 p/s > 2 000 000 p/s

Trial Version Limitations:

Trial version can be used to check format compatibility. It lists user accounts and protection details (keys recovery status). Registered version is required to save modified file. You can also setup and test run any password search for 15 min per run.

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