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Thegrideon logo 3DThegrideon Software is an independent software vendor specializing in the development of information security, forensics and password recovery products. It is very competitive area, but we created several unique tools over the 15 years in business, such as Access 2007 Password, CAD Password, QuickBooks Forensics, VBA Recovery Toolkit, ... and there are number of unique methods and tricks used in our tools to make them different (for example: mixed attacks and keyboard-layout aware recovery). It is a very important concept for us to always add something new to even well-known methods.

Thegrideon Services were soon to follow. And it is the perfect opportunity for us to examine new files, work with new security methods and check our tools and methods again and again. It is all about the challenge.

One less reason to worry...
We are willing to offer our customers easy-to-use and friendly products and services for solving problems they met. Above-mentioned conception is underlined in our slogan: "One less reason to worry..." - this is what you can get with us.

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