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Keyboard Layouts Conversion

Keyboard Layout Example

Systems with 2 or more keyboard layouts installed are not uncommon (like QWERTY + national layout, QWERTY + Dvorak or QWERTY + AZERTY, etc.).
Keyboard layouts are responsible for conversion from keyboard scancodes to actual characters.
Password entered with a wrong/different keyboard layout selected can be slightly or fully different. This is used as a trick in many countries to convert easy to remember words into random-like passwords (e.g. conversion from QWERTY to AZERTY for word "password" is "pqsszord").
Another possibility is wrong keyboard layout used by mistake when entering a new password (there is no warning in contrast to active CAPS LOCK, all layouts are valid from system perspective).
Our programs allow you to perform keyboard layout conversion ("retype" word in different layout using "original keyboard keys") on the fly between any two keyboard layouts installed.

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