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Typing Errors Generation

fixed part password + MPdel + MPdbl + MPswp mods

"qwerty" + MPdel = qwerty, werty, qerty, qwrty, qwety, qwery, qwert;
"secret" + MPdbl = secret, ssecret, seecret, seccret, secrret, secreet, secrett;
"password" + MPswp = password, apssword, psasword, paswsord, passowrd, passwrod, passwodr;
"password" + MPdel + MPdbl + MPswp (shown on the screenshot) generates more than 400 combinations to verify.
"password" + MPdtl = password, p, pa, pas, pass, passw, passwo, passwor;
"password" + MPdtf = password, assword, ssword, sword, word, ord, rd, d;
"password" + MPdtl + MPdtf = password, assword, ssword, sword, word, ord, rd, d, p, pa, a, pas, as, s, pass, ass, ss, s, passw, assw, ssw, sw, w, passwo, asswo, sswo, swo, wo, o, passwor, asswor, sswor, swor, wor, or, r;
The modifications are applied within selected range of positions (full range [0-MAX] is set by default). Position 1 point to the first char. Modification is inapplicable at position 0, thus unmodified variant is passed for verification. They are applicable to any combination of prior parts in any order to extend a normal search range with possible mistypes.

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