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Typing Errors and Char Substitutions

MPdel, MPdbl, MPswp, MPdtl, MPdtf, MPswC, MPsub modifications are available in mixed attack setup to generate common typing, copy / paste and similar errors. These mods are applied to all chars from previous mixed attack parts. Application range can be limited if necessary. It is set from 0 to MAX by default. Position 0 passes unmodified original, 1 targets first char, etc. MPdel (delete one char), MPdbl (double one char) and MPswp (swap chars) modifications are designed to cover common typing errors.
"qwerty" + MPdel = qwerty, werty, qerty, qwrty, qwety, qwery, qwert / "qwerty" + MPdel[0-2] = qwerty, werty, qerty
"secret" + MPdbl = secret, ssecret, seecret, seccret, secrret, secreet, secrett
"password" + MPswp = password, apssword, psasword, paswsord, passowrd, passwrod, passwodr
"password" + MPdel + MPdbl + MPswp
generates more than 400! combinations to verify.
MPdtl (delete last chars) and MPdtf (delete first chars) can be used to cut substrings (partially copied words, shorten names and family names, ...).
"password" + MPdtl = password, passwor, passwo, passw, pass, pas, pa, p;
"password" + MPdtf = password, assword, ssword, sword, word, ord, rd, d;
MPswC (switch case) modification replaces lower case char with upper case and visa versa.
"Password" + MPswC = Password, password, PAssword, PaSsword, PasSword, PassWord, PasswOrd, PasswoRd, PassworD;
MPsub (substitute) modification replaces char with another char based on substitution map. This modification can be used to apply common char replacements (e.g. a with @, or 4 with A, etc.) as well as to generate common mistypes.
"password" + MPsub[a4s5o0] = password, p4ssword, pa5sword, pas5word, passw0rd;
"Start from prior multi-position mod" option can be used to rebase the range from preceding multi-position mod. The common application is to apply several equal modification (e.g. switch case for several chars, substitute several chars, etc.) and avoid duplicates:
"pass" + MPsub[a4s5] + MPsub[+][a4s5] = pass, p4ss, pa5s, pas5, p45s, p4s5, pa55
Unmodifiable or shorter than a starting position input can be filtered or passed as is with "Pass short or empty input as is" option.

Mix-case modifications using MPswC

The following example demonstrate how to apply switch case modifications (mix-case) to a dictionary attack with up to 4 chars affected using 5 parts mixed attack:
<word> - dictionary file. MPswC[0-] - switch case from position 0. MPswC[+0-] - switch case from position 0, rebased. MPswC[+0-] - switch case from position 0, rebased. MPswC[+0-] - switch case from position 0, rebased. "pass" + MPswC + MPswC[+] + MPswC[+] + MPswC[+] = pass, Pass, pAss, paSs, pasS, PAss, PaSs, PasS, pASs, pAsS, paSS, PASs, PAsS, PaSS, pASS, PASS.
The attack above can be reconfigured to apply switch case modifications to minimum 2 and maximum 4 chars by changing last mods range from +0 to +1 and switching off "Pass short or empty input" option to filter output.
"pass" + MPswC + MPswC[+] + MPswC[+1]! + MPswC[+1]! = PAss, PaSs, PasS, pASs, pAsS, paSS, PASs, PAsS, PaSS, pASS, PASS

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