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Post-search notifications

It is not unusual to use dedicated or remote computer(s) in a password search. Post-search notification in our tools is designed to help in such cases.

Web Page post-search action

Audio file (*.wav, *mp3, ...)
You can select any audio file (e.g. wav or mp3) to be played as notification. There are several alarm and audio files available from "C:\Windows\Media" folder. But our choice for example is "It's Alive!" part from "Frankenstein" movie.

Script file (*.bat, ...)
Script files can be used to send notification from remote computer. There is number of PowerShell tutorials and examples on how to send email from a script.

Web page
Yet another option is to start a Web page. For example, a simple PHP script can be used to send a notification without disclosing any contact information at the remote (rented or shared) computer used in search.

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