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Frequently Asked Questions

Install Trial.
How to start trial version installation from Edge, Chrome or Firefox.

Program log.
Program log is part of all our tools. This log is designed to be as user-friendly and readable but it is still a diagnostic instrument. Please send it with your support requests in full. Sometimes small details (like delays between events) can tell us a lot.
You can double-click program log to open it in Notepad or right-click it and select "Save Log file".

Error in OCL. Error code = 0xffffff...
Please check the latest program version and / or download and install the latest drivers for your Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). AMD and Nvidia drivers are usually up to date, but it is not uncommon to have 5-6 years old Intel HD GPU drivers installed.

Registration Keys
Thegrideon Software products are activated with name / key pairs similar to the following:
John Doe
Keys are generated automatically and sent right after purchase. If your key is not delivered within several minutes - please check your SPAM and JUNK folders and filters. Please check your version and download and install the latest version if necessary.

Key validity period.
Keys are valid for the version purchased and all the updates within one year. Any version available within the validity period can be used for as long as required. For update / upgrade details please contact us with your order id.

Where to enter your key?
You can use main menu Help, or "Buy..." button submenu to open registration dialog. Just copy / paste your Name and Key and press OK.
Registration menu

Registration key doesn't work.
With a new key please re-download and re-install the latest version directly from our site! Download links are in your registration email and on the product page. Some tools are available for more than 10 years, so there are quite few old versions and copycats around. Please copy and paste Name and Key from your registration e-mail exactly.

Product is still in trial mode.
Please close the program and start it again. Check log window. Is it still in Trial mode or registration details are listed?
For Access Password please check product editions: Lite, Std and Pro. (You can contact us for upgrade details or to avoid any delays buy the right version and we can refund prior order later.)

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