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Please check Frequently Asked Questions first.

Please check your Spam and Junk folders and add * to your Safe Senders list.

Please use the form below to send us a message. Feel free to ask any questions about our programs and services.
We will reply within 12 hours maximum or faster from 10am to 10pm (UK time).
If you have not heard from us in an hour or two, please check your Spam and Junk folders again.
And just in case we have Support Forum available: you can post your question without registration or access to your email.

Please give us as many details as possible. What are you trying to do? How? What is the problem?
If you are using one of our tools just double-click its log to open it in Notepad and add this log to your question.
Is there a file in question? What is the size? Could you send it for examination?

Please note: Messages like "I forgot my password." will force us to ask the questions above anyway, so please help us help you ;-)

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