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SQL Password Bypasser

SQL Password Bypasser by Thegrideon Software is an advanced tool for MS SQL Server password replacement and recovery. It allows you to instantly reset or change any SQL Server account password or start password recovery search with a very flexible search range setup. SQL Password Bypasser works with all versions including the latest MS SQL Server 2019. You may also check SQL Server Forensics tool for in-depth analysis.

SQL Password Bypasser Features:

Program Screenshots:

SQL Password logo SQL Instances dialog SQL Accounts

Additional Details:

MS SQL Server Logins and Passwords (as well as database configurations) are stored in SQL Master Database file named "master.mdf". Passwords are stored hashed, so they are hard to recover, but passwords can be replaced instantly. SQL Password Bypasser allows you to stop active SQL database, list logins, reset (change) selected account password and start the database. Account password might be useful outside of the SQL Server environment, therefore password search is also an option. SQL Password Bypasser allows you to set several attacks in a queue: dictionary, brute-force or mixed (combination of dictionary, sequential and fixed parts). You can set almost any search pattern from independent parts with virtually endless number of combinations. Search speed is millions of passwords per second.

Trial and Registration:

Trial version allows you to check compatibility. It lists accounts in "master.mdf". Password recovery test runs are 15 min limited.

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