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Access Forensics

  • Access Forensics by is an advanced tool for MS Access database analysis, data preview and recovery as well as password recovery and protection removal.
  • It recovers deleted tables, records (rows) and columns; shows database structure, tables, properties and VBA source code; recovers database passwords and user-level security records; can be used to edit database properties and access rights, remove VBA protection and more...
  • Access Forensics works with all MS Access files (.mdb, .accdb, ...) from version 2000 to 2019.
  • Access Forensics short video demo »

Access Forensics Features:

  • Access Protected Database:
    • database properties editor: AllowBypassKey, StartUpShowDBWindow, MDE flag, etc.
    • clears VBA Projects protection;
    • instantly recovers MS Access 2000-2003 passwords and user-level security records:
      • including user names and ids necessary to recreate lost .mdw files;
      • recover user names, passwords, ids and group names from workgroup files (.mdw);
      • user-level access rights editor (to assign dbSecFullAccess to any user);
    • several attacks can be queued for MS Access 2007-2019 password recovery:
      • brute-force, dictionary and mixed attacks for precise search range setup;
      • simple and multi-position modifications are available to cover modern password policies;
      • typing errors generation with new multi-position options;
      • highly optimized code (SSE, AVX, AVX2, AVX-512) for best performance;
      • utilizes NVIDIA, AMD and Intel GPUs with a high-performance methods;
      • supports up to 64 simultaneous processing threads (multi-CPU, multi-GPU);
  • Deleted Data Scan and Recovery:
    • deleted tables, deleted records (rows), deleted columns;
  • Content Preview and Export:
    • all objects (tables, queries, ...) ownership and properties;
    • tables and columns details;
    • VBA modules and classes with highlighted source code;
    • access permissions;
    • name maps;
    • hex view or export attached files, OLE objects, images, etc;
    • export tables as XML with XSD Schema to import into another database, Excel, etc;
    • bulk export is available as well;
  • Windows 7 - Windows 10.

Program Screenshots:

Additional Details:

Access Forensics is designed with 3 main goals: gain access to protected database, analyse database content and recover deleted or hidden information still present in the file. Access Forensics works with database file directly - independent from any Access libraries or components, so you can edit parameters regardless of access rights and extract data unavailable in any other way.

MS Access 2000-2003: Password to open and user-level security records required to recreate lost workgroup information file (.mdw) or passwords from existing .mdw can be recovered instantly. Internal permission editor can be used to fix access rights right away if the goal is to access data as fast as possible. You may also check how to access user-level security dialogs in MS Access 2007-2019.

MS Access 2007-2019: User-level security was deprecated and exhaustive password search is required for "password to open" recovery due to stronger cryptographic algorithms used. Access Forensics password recovery engine is based on our well known ACCDB Password tool. You can check password recovery speed on ACCDB Password page, and the speed is at least as fast as the fastest competitors if not faster. Well optimized assembler code and GPU utilization are at your service.

Database Properties: One of the functions of database properties (settings) is to control user interface and access to menu and tools. This is used to limit user access to database structure and data. Access Forensics allows you to edit database properties. Just a few examples: enable AllowBypassKey, StartUpShowDBWindow, edit CustomRibbonID to disable custom ribbon menu with limited functionality, switch of MDE flag to access locked mde/accde database and export forms or scripts, edit StartUpForm property to disable of change initial form, etc...

VBA: Access Forensics can reset VBA Project protection. Internal VBA code viewer is available with highlighted code to check the safety of modules and classes included and check security measures applied in VBA code.

Data Recovery: Access Forensics is designed to recover data from valid uncorrupted database. It can be used to analyse damaged databases, but it is not its main purpose. Redundant information available in database is used to recover deleted tables, records (table rows) and columns.
Columns recovery is unique feature of our tool and the very important one. It is not unusual to delete several columns with personal data and send database to partners or clients. With Access Forensics you can analyse data coming out of your company as well as coming in.

Trial Version Limitations:

Trial version allows you to view Tables with odd ID values only. If VBA source code is recoverable: first 15 lines are displayed. Edit-mode is not available in trial version as well as some Export operations. You can setup and test run any password search (versions 2007-2019) for 15 min per set. Recovered passwords are hidden behind the asterisks.

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