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  • VBA Recovery Toolkit by is a unique tool to assist in VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) projects reverse engendering: preview project settings, reset project settings, recover and preview source code, uncover potentially harmful hidden modules and more...
  • It works with VBA Projects in: MS Office [Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, ...], AutoCAD, CorelDRAW, Photo-PAINT, SolidWorks, ...
  • VBA Recovery Toolkit video demo.

VBA Recovery Toolkit Features:

  • Unique VBA Project access technology - file modification is not required.more info
    • applicable to VBA Projects in all VBA-featured documents:
      • MS Office: Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Word;
      • x32 and x64 editions of MS Office and Office 365 are supported;
      • AutoCAD (.dvb), CorelDRAW (.gms), SolidWorks (.swp);
      • etc...
    • clears "Project is Unviewable" state;
    • custom command lines to start a file or an application;
  • VBA Source Code Viewer with syntax highlighting for:source
    • AutoCAD (.dvb), CorelDRAW (.gms), SolidWorks (.swp);
    • MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Word
    • "PROJECT" stream settings preview;
    • hidden VBA modules source code recovery;
    • MS Office Custom UI (ribbons, toolbars) xml code preview;
  • Encryption / Decryption of Corel .gms files (CorelDRAW / Photo-PAINT).
  • Windows XP - Windows 10.

Program Screenshots:

Support and Contacts

Please, feel free to contact us. Just go to the contact page and send us a message, or visit our Support forum.

The software works really well and has just saved my life, and even if I make the passwords difficult to remember I can now re-set them !!!!!! :-) Thanks again It's really great software.,  

Additional Information:

How it works?
VBA Recovery Toolkit can be used:
- to extract and preview VBA code from files directly (including hidden modules);
- to fix or reset VBA IDE projects settings back to default state (remove locks, misconfigured or corrupted records);

VBA Source Code Preview:
You can use our tool to quickly review VBA code in popular files (like AutoCAD, CorelDRAW, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc.) in order to effectively filter files with potentially harmful code. It reveals hidden modules, helps in basic deobfuscation, previews code with syntax highlighting allowing you to have early warnings on the unknown or suspicious files.
We believe that it is important to check VBA source code before opening the file in VBA-enabled application.

VBA Projects in VBA IDE (Integrated Development Environment):
There are number of reasons for VBA IDE to block access to VBA Project or source code: project can be locked with or without password, code is locked in files shared for multi-user access, project settings can be misconfigured or corrupted, access to active code can be locked automatically as well.
VBA Recovery Toolkit changes project settings back to default in VBA IDE internal records without modifying a bit in your file. This way we can re-enable access to source code and project settings regardless of file format or the program used to open it. This method is applicable to any VBA Project in any VBA-featured document: MS Office 97 - 2016 [Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, etc.], Visio, FrontPage, AutoCAD (*.dvb), Corel WordPerfect, CorelDRAW and Photo-PAINT (*.gms), SolidWorks (*.swp), etc...
You can also check VBA Recovery Toolkit Modes of Operation.

So, whatever the case is, you can access your VBA Project or source code, fix project settings and save the file or just check your code and leave it untouched.

Note: The only special case is compiled MS Access database files (.mde and .accde) - these databases are saved with precompiled VBA code only, without source code at all, so the locked state can be fixed, but you will see the list of compiled modules and some small pieces of code left only or VBA IDE will report error "40230".
You may use Access Forensics for MS Access format verification as well as code preview.

Trial and Registration:

Trial period is endless. Trial version Code Viewer shows first 15 lines of source code only. Trial version allows you to reset VBA Projects locked with the passwords "trial" or "TRIAL" only.

With the "Home User" License, you can use the program for non-commercial purposes in non-business, non-commercial environment (personal files). To use the program in a corporate, government or business environment (clients or corporate files), you should purchase the "Business User" License.

Home User license is only $29.95 and Business User license is $44.95.

After payment processing is completed, you will immediately receive the email with your registration key. The key should be entered into the evaluation version, which can be downloaded from this page.

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