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  • ExcelDecryptor by allows you to reset MS Excel spreadsheets and templates (*.xls, *.xlt) passwords with guarantee. The unique feature of this tool is the ability to process any number of Excel files simultaneously without a noticeable performance loss.
  • It works with all MS Excel documents saved with Office 97/2000 Compatible encryption. (*.xls files saved from Office 2007-2019 and Excel XP/2003 files saved with the default settings).
  • You may also check other MS Excel tools.

ExcelDecryptor Features:

  • Instantly recovers Workbook, Sheets, Write Protection and Shared Book passwords.
  • Excel document decryption technology with guaranteed results. more info
  • Works with the document passwords regardless of the length and complexity.
  • Allows simultaneous processing of multiple files.
  • Highly optimized code guarantees fastest performance. more info
  • Supports up to 32 simultaneous processing threads (multi-CPU, multi-core and HT).
  • Utilizes NVIDIA and AMD GPUs (Graphics Processing Units) for processing acceleration.
  • Windows 7 - Windows 10.
  • Guaranteed Decryption Service is available.

Program Screenshot:

ExcelDecryptor Window

Processing Time:

ExcelDecryptor allows you to reset your spreadsheets passwords, but doesn't recover them. Protected *.xls and *.xlt files are encrypted with short fixed length encryption keys which are recoverable. These keys allow our tool to decrypt protected documents without passwords.
The following tables shows maximum processing time based on several tests with the common laptop and workstation CPUs as well as mid-range GPUs:

Intel Core2 Duo
T7500 @ 2.20GHz
Intel Core i3
2100 @ 3.10GHz
Intel Core i7
2600 @ 3.40GHz
up to 5 days up to 2 days up to 24 hours
CPU ¹+
Intel i3 2100 @ 3.10GHz +
AMD Radeon HD 6770
Intel i3 2100 @ 3.10GHz +
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 470
Intel Core i3 4130 @ 3.40GHz +
AMD Radeon R9 270
up to 21 hours up to 13 hours up to 12 hours

¹ The time shown is equal to maximum time necessary to check all "encryption keys" and the key search for most files require just a portion of this time.
² GPU performance is somewhat variable with number of factors including GPU/CPU combination and even driver version. Please contact us if your processing time is noticeable different from data above.

Guaranteed Decryption Service for .XLS files:

Thegrideon Software has prepared the set of key lookup tables (Rainbow tables) for a default 40-bit encryption with coverage close to 100%. These tables allow us to offer you fast guaranteed decryption service for your MS Excel files within minutes for a small per file service fee.
There are two ways you can use our service:
1) You can upload your file to us for decryption.
2) You can employ our service without sending any sensitive information to us: Just open your protected file in ExcelDecryptor and send us file "Signature" line from the program log for the file you need to have encryption key recovered (or just add all your protected files to ExcelDecryptor Project file and send this file to us).

Trial and Registration:

Trial version allows you to searches for "encryption keys". File decryption is available in registered version only.

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