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Password Recovery Service

Archives (e.g.: .zip, .rar) with lost passwords are quite usual. Protected legacy Databases and Spreadsheets can be an important part of any business as well as Word documents and OneNote sections, Company files and Presentations. There are many formats and types, some can be processed with guarantee, some require a lot of processing.
It is hard to list all the file types we can process, so the best way to check is to upload your file or contact us with protected file details. Whatever the case we have large collection of tools, hardware, techniques and years of experience to process almost any protected file.
Please note: We do not process archives with software, code or scripts and clearly copyrighted content.

Step by Step

1) You fill the form and upload your protected file(s). If your file is larger than 20Mb, please contact us with the file details for secure ftp server credentials.
2) We examine your file and process it. Report is sent to you with the results as well as the payment link.
3) If report is not delivered in service timeframe, please check your spam and junk filters or contact us.
3) You pay our service fee and we send you recovered password or decrypted file.

Types of Service

  • Standard service (normal queue) is up to 12 hours of processing with 25 USD service fee.
  • Express service (on top of the queue) is 1 hour service with 45 USD service fee.

Support and Contacts

Please, feel free to contact us.
Just go to the contact page and send us a message.

Upload Form

Please, fill the form and press "Send".

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"Over 600 Paradox script files, all encrypted, make up a legacy Paradox for DOS application a new client has. They want me to replicate it in Access, so they are no longer beholden to the fellow who wrote it, or limited to legacy versions of Windows. To understand all the business rules, now in effect over 15 years, we had to get into the scripts and read them. Thegrideon Software was able to give us plain-text files for each of the 620 or so scripts, in just a few days, and at a reasonable price for the work and value involved. We thank them.", Phil Marcus ("Dr.Database"), Washington DC.

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