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MS Excel Password Recovery Tools

Microsoft Excel's native file formats are denoted either by a .xls or .xlsx file extension (.xlsb for new binary based format);
.xlt and .xltx extensions are used for templates;
visual basic macro-enabled documents and templates are defined by .xlsm extensions starting from Excel 2007.
.xls and .xlt files are OLE structured containers in the Binary File Format. The format is used by Excel 95-2003.
.xlsx, .xltx, .xlsm are based on Office Open XML (SpreadsheetML) format. .xlsb is very similar format with cell data saved in binary form (BIFF format). These formats have been introduced with Excel 2007 and used in Excel 2007-2019.
VBA projects can be saved as part of most of the formats, although VBA projects can be considered as "independent" attachment.
Below you can find Thegrideon Software tools designed for Excel documents and templates as well as VBA Projects.

  • MS Excel 95 - 2003. (.xls, .xlt, ...)
  • MS Excel 2007 - 2019. (.xlsx, .xlsb, .xltx, ...)
  • Fast password recovery tool for MS Excel spreadsheets with AES encryption (Office 2007-2019) as well as XOR (Office 95), 40bit RC4 and 40-128bit CryptoAPI (Office 97-2003) methods.
  • Instant recovery or replacement of Sheets, Workbook, Range, Shared Book and Write-protection passwords.
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  • VBA Project can be accessed instantly. Source code recovery.
  • From $29.95 »
  • MS Excel 97 - 2003. (.xls, .xlt, ...) 40-bit encryption only.
  • Password removal tool with guaranteed result!.
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