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Mixed Attack Example

Below you will find an example of mixed attack setup for the pattern of "Zodiac name" + "year" + "1 special char" like "Aries1998%" or "Gemini2008#". Multiple ways exist to setup this pattern, but the following is the simplest one:
A. Wordlist (dictionary) part with zodiac signs names.
B. Number range like 1918 - 2018.
C. 1 char brute-force with the special chars charset.

1) The first step is to create and save our wordlist (plain text file with one variant per line) with the zodiac signs names. 2) Now we can start mixed attack setup. Press "Add" button to add new attack to the queue. 3) Select "Mixed" and press "Next" at the bottom of the attack type selection page. 4) New mixed attack is empty and we have to add new parts to it. Press "Add" button. 5) Select "Dictionary (wordlist)" and press "Next" to add new dictionary based part. 6) Press "Select" and select the wordlist file with zodiac signs names. There are additional dictionary options available but they are not required for this setup. Press "Finish" at the bottom of this page to add this wordlist to the mix. 7) Press "Add" button to add numbers range part, select "Numbers" and press "Next". Numbers range is very easy to setup. It can be used for any range like days 1-31, months 1-12, years, etc. Press "Finish" to add this range to the mix. 8) And the last part is a special char. Press "Add" button, select "Brute-Force" and press "Next". There are number of additional brute-force options and filters available, but in this case only length and charset have to be adjusted. Press "Finish" to add this part to the mix. 9) As the result 3-parts mixed attack is created with the parts show below. You can press "Next", enter new attack name or keep automatically generated one and press "Finish". 10) New attack is at the bottom of the queue. You can select it and use "Up" / "Down" buttons to adjust its position. There are 12*101*32 = 38 784 combinations in total for 12 names, 101 years and 32 special chars.

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