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Lotus Approach Password Recovery

Lotus Approach Password by allows you to recover Lotus Approach files (*.apr, *.apt, *.dbf, *.db, *.vew) passwords. It recovers Lotus Approach Team Security passwords as well. All versions of Lotus Approach are supported. You may also check other Lotus SmartSuite tools or our password recovery service.

Lotus Approach Password Recovery Features:

  • Lotus Approach (*.apr, *.apt, ....) passwords recovery.
  • Recovers Lotus Approach User and Group (Team Security) passwords.
  • Recovers passwords for dBase/Foxpro (.dbf) and Paradox (.db) DBs created in Lotus Approach.
  • All versions of Lotus Approach are supported.
  • All passwords are recovered instantly.
  • Windows XP - Windows 11.
  • Password recovery for any valid Approach file is guaranteed - in the unlikely case of any issues we will remove or replace your file password for you.

Program Screenshots:

Lotus Approach Password Recovery Dialog

Trial Version Limitations:

Trial version allows you to check file format and passwords recoverability. Recovered passwords are hidden behind the asterisks.

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