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Lotus Approach Password Recovery

  • Lotus Approach Password by allows you to recover Lotus Approach files (*.apr, *.apt, *.dbf, *.db, *.vew) passwords.
  • It recovers Lotus Approach Team Security passwords as well.
  • You may also check other Lotus SmartSuite tools or our password recovery service.

Lotus Approach Password Recovery Features:

  • Lotus Approach (*.apr, *.apt, ....) passwords recovery.
  • Recovers Lotus Approach User and Group (Team Security) passwords.
  • Recovers passwords for dBase/Foxpro (.dbf) and Paradox (.db) DBs created in Lotus Approach.
  • All versions of Lotus Approach are supported.
  • All passwords are recovered instantly.
  • Windows XP - Windows 10.
  • Password recovery for any valid Approach file is guaranteed - in the unlikely case of any issues we will remove or replace your file password for you.

Program Screenshots:

Lotus Approach Password Recovery Dialog

Trial Version Limitations:

Trial version allows you to check file format and passwords recoverability. Recovered passwords are hidden behind the asterisks.

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