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Oh I had woes - even though I was running every precaution I could think of (Norton stuff, Spybot, Hijackthis, SpyWareBlaster, AdAware, etc.!) something still got into my machine and made my life a mess.
It wasn't until I experienced issues publishing my websites, that I discovered my apps were being gobbled and passwords applied - and woe of woe, had to do a complete system restore.
I saved my data, ... Long story, but to make it kind of 'shorter', my Outlook pst was hit and I had 10 accounts unaccessible, marked with a mysterious password . I tried many, many help centres and resources, forums ... even thought about trying something on the shady side  :-/ Microsoft told me it was a "global issue' and I had no hope of recovering.
And then I Googled and found this site - I sent an email explaining my problem, leary of ordering not only from the web, but an unknown app.
Customer Service was wonderful!!! :) An instant email back assuring me that they could help. So I ordered the Outlook recovery and WITHIN SECONDS my entire 1 gig .pst was available to me.  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D.
Even though I am a backup freak, and had just archived, less 30 days, I still had hundreds of hours of work in that one file.
Can you hear me shouting my praises from the rooftops??
I hope so! You will be recommended to everyone I can reach
again ....
THANK YOU!!! I LOVE YOU!!!  :-* :-* :-* :-*

I have the "Password" tool (by Thegrideon Software) also that so far has been able to "discover" the password of any/all Access mdb's I've come across. This covers upto Access 2003.,

This program is AWESOME! I will spread the word from now on that it's worth it.,

The software works really well and has just saved my life, and even if I make the passwords difficult to remember I can now re-set them !!!!!! :-)
Thanks again It's really great software.

Thank you very much. I appreciate your excellent service. I have no problems recommending you in the future. Kind regards, Thanks again It's really great software.,
- Paradyne Worldwide Corp

I had a 200mb Outlook 97 PST file that somehow got a password on it. Don't know how, but I needed the e-mails back! For $29, this program worked perfectly AND was the cheepest password recovery software out there. Very good!,

Very good! I am able to access the modules that I need to. Thank you very much! I am very impressed with your support and will keep your company in mind for future purchases.,

Thank you for your help ... it worked like a charm. $30 well invested. I was totally impressed with you email instructions and your timely response. Again, money well invested. Thanks again,,

Thanks for the info, I have discovered and used the latter process to get the data imported into a new database. And have constructed the reports I needed. Thanks for a grat product, I have already recommended you to two friends.,

Your service is very professional and much appreciated.,

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