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Remote Desktop to SOCKS5

RDtoS5 is a lightweight and easy to use proxifier for Remote Desktop and similar connections. It allows you to redirect RDP, VNC and other tools traffic through a SOCKS5 proxy. It works differently from common proxifiers and can be used under limited user accounts. more info

RDtoS5 proxifier features:

  • Easy to use GUI tool.
  • Works under limited user accounts.
  • Extremely low resource consumption.
  • IPv4, IPv6 and Domain Names are supported.
  • .onion addresses can be used with a Tor SOCKS5 proxy.
  • Native WinAPI design - NO external libraries or frameworks to install.
  • Windows 7 - Windows 10 (x86 and x64).

Program Screenshots:

Remote Desktop to SOCKS5

Additional Details:

Native Windows Remote Desktop client is designed to establish a direct connection to a remote server and this can be an issue for systems accessible trough proxy servers only (Tor hidden services for example). The common solution is to use universal "proxifiers" to intercept RD connection and route it trough a proxy, but such tools are just way too powerful and complicated for a simple client-server TCP connection used in protocols like Remote Desktop. This way of interception requires techniques like system hooks, DLL injections, network filters, etc., thus Administrative privileges are usually required and some other compatibility issues may exist. Our Remote Desktop to SOCKS5 tool serves a single purpose of redirecting RDP (VNC, etc.) client traffic trough a SOCKS5 proxy. It acts as a server, listens for a connection to a local port (e.g. "localhost:757") and redirects data to a selected remote server trough a chosen proxy. Remote server and proxy parameters are known, thus there is no need to intercept normal system behavior. The only thing required is to set Windows Remote Desktop client to connect to the RDtoS5's local address like "localhost:757" and the traffic can be redirected trough a SOCKS5 proxy. No evaluated privileges or system hooks are required, x86 and x64 systems and clients are supported, other connections or programs are not affected. The following Remote Desktop to SOCKS5 commands line options are available:
/log "log file path" - append all log messages to a file.
"rds file path" - load RDtoS5 settings from .rds file.
/start "rds file path" - start RDtoS5 server based on .rds file.
Example: RDtoS5.exe /log log.txt /start my_server.rds

Remote Desktop to SOCKS5
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