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Payments FAQ

Orders are processed by our reseller Bright Market LLC dba FastSpring. This guarantees your payment and personal details security and allows you to select from a growing list of global and local payment methods available: Cards, Bank and Wire transfers, Amazon, AliPay, WebMoney, etc.

Payment methods
Payment methods available are specific to a particular region or country. Credit / debit cards and bank / wire transfers are the most common. You can click "Buy Now" link to see global and local options available.

Crypto payments
Cryptocurrency payment can also be arranged. Please contact us for details with a product name, license type and number of licenses required.

Personal information
The only information we (might) need is your email address to provide support, but correct personal details are required to process payments. Billing information is "attached" to checkout with Amazon, AliPay, etc. Payment and personal details are handled by our reseller in compliance with all local regulations. If it is an issue please check crypto payments.

Please check the following: Tax or VAT/GST.

Purchase Order / Proforma Invoice
Purchase orders and proforma invoices are handled by our reseller. You can click "Buy Now" link, fill order form and select purchase order as a payment method to generate proper invoices, etc. Please note: registration keys are generated and sent upon full payment.

Failed payments
We have no control over payment processing. Payment might fail for many reasons: incorrect details, insufficient funds, payment deemed suspicious by your bank or our reseller, etc. You can try again with correct details or try different payment method.

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