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  • File Own Guard (FOG) is designed for:
  • Strong protection of your personal and corporate data using modern encryption standards and methods.
  • Fast and extremely effective archiving tool with the ability to fully encrypt archive's contents.
  • Reliable data removal tool which leaves no possibility to recover deleted data.

File Own Guard Features:

  • Strong file Encryption using one of the five algorithm (AES finalists): info
    • AES (Rijndael), the new official US government standard
    • MARS
    • RC6
    • Serpent
    • Twofish
  • Variable key size: 128 bit, 192 bit or 256 bit.
  • Secure file Removal using one of the following algorithms: info
    • Air Force System Security Instructions, 5020c
    • Navy Staff Office Publication, NAVSO P-5239-26 (3 Types)
    • U.S. Department of Defense Sanitizing, DoD 5220.22-M
    • German Standard, VSITR
    • The Bruce Schneier algorithm
    • The Peter Gutmann algorithm
  • Adjustable high level Compression info
  • up to 10 Mb/s for the strongest encryption + max. compression
  • Self-Extracting crypt-archives
  • Easy to use Explorer's like interface
  • Full Unicode names and Large file (larger that 4Gb) support

Program Screenshots:

File Own Guard Dialog

Additional Details:

Strong protection of personal and corporate data using modern encryption standards and methods.
You can create one or more protected file repositories, assign a password to it and then simply add your personal or corporate data files into it. Your data will be arranged as the one file "crypto-archive" and you can easily move it from one computer to another.
It is very useful when you are working at home and in office with the same documents.
To be sure that you information is secure FOG offers you the number of encryption algorithms to use. You can choose the algorithm, the key length, the pass phrase when creating the protected file storage.

Fast and extremely effective archiving tool with the ability to fully encipher archive's contents.
If you need to compress the data when sending by email or moving to another machine or mobile device FOG offers you several levels of compression with the encryption of the contents.
It is not just the password protection of the archive. It is the real encryption. Most of other archive software do not encrypt the names of the files in archive. This is potential weakness of the protection they offer. FOG encrypts all archive's contents, so the attacker won't be able to read even the names of the files in your archive!

Reliable data removing tool which leaves no possibility for deleted data to be recovery.
It is not a secret that when you 'ask' your file manager to delete the file it does not really delete it, but just marks it as deleted and marks the space as free. Some corporate regulations require the information to be really deleted without any possibility of recovery. Individual users are also must be concerned about a secure removal of the personal files, especially on removable medias like floppy disks, USB flash drives, etc.
FOG solves this problem very well. You can use FOG's built in algorithms (DoD and military approved) to securely delete your information and be sure that it is impossible to recover it.

Trial and Registration:

File Own Guard is free for personal (home) use.
A commercial entity may use the Software without charge for 21 days. You must pay the license fee to continue the use of the Software after the 21 days evaluation period.

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